PLP-R/W Small Books 呼测钮 ()

Big Book 01: My Sister (更)

My Bag My Pet Kimmy in the Toy Shop My Dinosaur

Big Book 02: My Friend, Oscar (更)

Ten Book and Ten Pencils A Play My Friend What is on the Mat

Big Book 03: Grandma and the Birthday Cake (更)

Dad The Cake Grandma The Birthday Cake

Big Book 04: A Paper Plate Mask (更)

The Mask The Cat Our Paper Plate Mask The Pig

Big Book 05: Where Am I? (更)

What can I see I can see Where is the Big Bird Can they see me
The Big Crab Monkeys Dolphins and Sharks The Flying Monkeys
The Big Black Spiders Two Fat Ducks I can see why Why are the Tigers Running

Big Book 06: Fun Time at the Zoo (更)

Here Comes the Snake Run Snake run Dancing in Pink Shoes Where is the Elephant
Where is the Banana Dancing at the Zoo The Monkey has the Pink Dress The Monkey and the Shoes
Here Comes the Monkey Fun Time At the Zoo Fun Time in our Classroom